• This is What You’ve Been Waiting For!

    For the first time in history, Turtle Island Waterlilies is releasing three of our Hardy/Tropical hybrid water lilies in our 2015 Collector’s HXT™ Trio!

    Not one…not two…but THREE Hardy/Tropical hybrid ISG cross water lilies in our 2015 Collector’s HXT™ Trio! Limited quantities available. Order Now!


    Turtle Island Waterlilies 2015 HXT Collectors Trio. Our first ISG release with a pink, purple and blue hardy water lily collection.
  • Sunfire! Get Ready to Meet Your New Favorite Water Lily!

    “Spectacular!” That’s a quote from Margaret Koogle at Lilypons! Mike says that if he were trapped on an island with only one water lily, Sunfire would be the one. It’s beautifully variable, from light to brilliant pink and adaptable to small ponds and pots! Nymphaea ‘Sunfire’ Hybrid Hardy Water Lily is for sale at Turtle Island Waterlilies!


    Nymphaea 'Sunfire' Exclusive Hardy Water Lily. Sunfire Water Lily for sale directly from the breeder!
  • From our pond to your door, FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING

    Free shipping on orders over $150 (Continental USA except Alaska & Hawaii)


  • Over 40 Waterlilies from $7.95 & up

    Mexicana $7.95 – Rose Arey $9.95 – Texas Dawn $18 – Joey Tomocik $20 – Mayla $21 – Queen of Whites $22 – Peace $22 – Bernice Ikins $24 – Pink Grapefruit $23


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