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N. ‘Turtle Island Tropic Star’ Deserves That ISG/HXT Respect


Colorful Bouquet of Water Lilies

My husband surprised me this morning with a bouquet of fresh cut waterlily flowers for my empty vase.  The bouquet had four sublimely peaceful flowers from ‘Sunfire’…(breathing)…Now there is just something about that pink in ‘Sunfire’ that eases my mind, like some kind of waterlily tranquilizer.  And you just can’t ignore that feeling with those blooms as large as your hand.

Peaceful blooms from 'Sunfire'.

But the first thing I did when I saw the bouquet was stick my nose in the each of the four ‘Turtle Island Tropic Star’ he brought.  Like so many times before the candy scent curls in through my nostrils and traces and tingles every fiber of my being, out to my fingertips and down to my toes.

Luscious hot pink blooms from 'Turtle Island Tropic Star'.

And the pink in ‘Turtle Island Tropic Star’ is not so demure like ‘Sunfire’.  Bright, hot, and vibrant, the vision of her gets my morning started like a delicious spiced mocha latte (not to mention what she’s already done to my fingers and toes).

I will never call her “poor”…even though I am at times tempted to say “poor little ‘Turtle Island Tropic Star’…she’s grouped together with the holy grail of hardy waterlilies…the subtle blue of ‘Turtle Island Fay McDonald’ and the tangy violet of ‘Turtle Island Violicious’.”

But there’s no “poor” waterlily flower here.  She holds her own with the others in that amazing HXT™ (Hardy X Tropical) Trio of girlfriends my Brother put together last year.  And she doesn’t need anyone holding her up in that vase either.  As a cut flower, she’s perfect, and has been witnessed opening and closing every day for five or six days!

So if you’re thinking that you really don’t want another pink waterlily (waaa waaa waaa… 🙁 … I just want the BLUE hardy waterlily)…it’s just because you haven’t met the star.

She’s an ISG cross just like the blues and deserves the same respect.  Just meet her.  Then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Nymphaea ‘Turtle Island Tropic Star’ Exclusive HXT™ Hardy Hot Pink Water Lily

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