Mike's Exclusive Hardy Water Lilies

Turtle Island Mike has lived in the mountains of West Virginia since he was 18 years old.  That’s where his love for waterlilies began, with a Lilypons catalog and a new pond he wanted to fill with waterlilies.  Since then, he has become a world-renowned hybridizer, known not only for his amazing hardy crosses, but for being the first in the world to cross hardy and tropical waterlilies; the “holy grail” of waterlily breeders and enthusiasts for over 100 years – the elusive hardy purple & blue water lilies.  We have his hardy purple and blue water lilies for sale here at Turtle Island Waterlilies.

Turtle Island Mike has spent years perfecting his passion, to create the most beautiful hardy water lilies on the planet.  His vision is that water lily lovers all over the world will be able to look out at their piece of heaven – their ponds and water gardens – and at the beauty he has helped bring into this world, knowing the smiles and peace it will bring.