Nymphaea ‘Myra’® Exclusive Hardy Shell Pink Waterlily


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The lovely blooms of Nymphaea ‘Myra’ Hardy Waterlily will bring a smile to your face.  Its shell pink color is found in no other hardy.  Few, if any other water lilies have this combination of dark shell pink, large many petaled flowers on a medium sized plant with controlled growth and healthy splotched leaves.  You’ll love ‘Myra’, an original Mike Giles hardy water lily sold exclusively at Turtle Island Waterlilies!

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Exclusive Mike Giles Hybrid Hardy Waterlily

Nymphaea ‘Myra’ Hardy Waterlily, a Mike Giles original hybrid water lily sold exclusively at Turtle Island Waterlilies, displays a 6-8″ star shaped, medium shell pink flower with stripes and yellow to orange center petal row and dark green leaves with dark splotches when young the splotches quickly fade from the center out as the leaf grows leaving a medium green mature leaf with no splotches. The flower floats or stands 2-6″ above the water in shallow water and has a lemony fragrance. Myra is an excellent bloomer, spreads 3-5′ in 6 in. to 8 ft. of water, is adaptable to small pots and water gardens, and is shade tolerant.

Notes From Turtle Island Mike’s LilyPad

Few, if any other waterlilies have this combination of dark shell pink, large many petaled flowers on a medium sized plant with controlled growth and healthy splotched leaves. The flowers are almost as big as the leaves and leaf density is low.

The flower is similar to N. ‘Peter Slocum’ in color on a plant with N. mexicana heritage, with a flower shape, rhizome and plant similar to N. ‘Pink Grapefruit’. The flower fades much less than many plants like N. ‘Pink Grapefruit’ and N. ‘Colorado’. The flowers display a consistent flower all summer in zone 6b. For people who like the pink of N. ?Peter Slocum? without the rampant growth, huge size and yearly re-potting, this lily is for you!

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